Celsa Group UK

Celsa steel UK is the largest manufacturer of steel products in UK


They produce 1.2 tonnes of steel annually that is a huge amount. Their facilities consists of state of art melt shop and two production facilities, one for reinforcing products and one for merchant bar and light sections. Celsa directly employ over 500 staff members.
The steel industry is a heavy industry, and can be a dangerous and haphazard trade as employees working in Steel mills are more exposed to heat and danger. Their security is necessary and how they are working should be monitored 24/7. Our company was very traditional in its operation. The greatest challenge that was required by us was monitoring system. These monitoring systems were to act like eyes for the operators working in mills and giving them full view of their tasks. With my this query I turned to google in search of CCTV installers in London, by scrolling several pages I found out the company named Cyber Fire and security. I as technical Incharge was very well impressed by the services they provide so I turned into their contact page and dropped my query. Within few hours I got a reply from them. Meeting was arranged, their team visited our site, understood our query and presented us with the suitable proposal.
Everything was installed afterwards and great response was calculated afterwards in the performance of employees. Chris Hudson commented

 “ The employees themselves have shown real enthusiasm in learning how to do their jobs in a completely new way – I couldn’t have wished for a better response.”