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Cyber fire and security, one of the leading CCTV Installation Company-uk specializes in electronic security systems.

What is a Security DVR?

DVR stands for Digital Video Recorder. A Security DVR is capable of taking the video from digital or analog cameras and recording it into a digital format on a hard drive.

What are CCTV cameras?

CCTV stands for closed circuit television. These cameras are linked with some recording device.

What is a difference between DVR and NVR?

The DVR uses coax connections to each of the analog cameras. The NVR supports high resolution megapixel cameras. The DVR supports only cameras with VGA resolution.

What is POE?

POE stands for power over Ethernet. Latest power cameras get power over a network.

What is an IP camera?

An IP camera system consists of a number of network attached cameras, which are generally called IP cameras. The system also includes some type of video recording system.

Are my cameras motion activated?

Yes all cameras are motion activated unless they are set for continuous recording. One the hard drive occupied the system begins to write over the old data.

How secure is remote view?

Only you can see the remote view. It is highly secured, credentials are required for logging you in. Anyone seeing your cameras must have those credentials.

What kind of broadband do I need for remote view?

Basic DSL or cable will suffice in most cases as you can adjust the fps and resolution to ensure a smooth stream. Remember that if the DVR/NVR does not support P2P then you may need an IT specialist to set up your remote view.

Can several user view remotely at once?

Yes several users can login simultaneously and can have a view of your cameras.

Can I see view at night too?

Yes with the help of IR you can see night vision.

Can I record audio?

Yes, you can record it if DVR comes with a recording option.

How many cameras do I need?

Our technical team will visit your site first then we can tell how many cameras do you need.

What areas do you service?

CCTV Installation Company-uk cover full London.

Can I zoom in with camera?

Yes you can zoom in the camera views.

What are response time for service and repair?

Our support team is always on wheels. We are available 24/7 for technical errors. If a site visit required which is little bit far we take several hours for that.

What is CCTV used for?

Generally CCTV Installation Company-uk used for security purposes. They are becoming increasingly popular due to reduced costs by the manufacturers of these types of cameras and video recording equipment. Because of this, more homeowners and small business now have affordable security options

What is the difference between the technologies? SDI, TVI, CVI, Analog, AHD and IP?

Analog -> Goes up to 1000 TVL

AHD -> Analog High Definition – 720p resolution

CVI/TVI -> Different Manufactures. Both are 1080p resolution.

SDI – Full High Definition – 1080p

IP -> Network cameras

What is meant by TVL?

The video resolution for ‘Analog CCTV surveillance can be measured in terms of TV lines that can be viewed on monitor screen. One can measure video quality with the help of converging lines that are higher in density. Resolution number of the TVL is its line density at a point where camera can’t reproduce any individual lines any longer. The picture keeps on getting better as the number increases.