Lewisham Shopping Centre

Lewisham Shopping Centre, formerly Riverdale Centre, is a shopping mall located in Lewisham, London, England. Since the Docklands Light Railway extension reached Lewisham the centre experienced an increase in customers.


We’ve over 65 shops in Lewisham shopping, covering the best of the high street names as well as some more specialized stores. The mall is open everytime and visited by thousands of shopper’s every day.
Cyber fire and security took extensive refurbishment and maintenance of existing fire alarm system and cctv systems in the mall. The system is managed from the main security control room. The whole project was completed with scheduled time and budget. All specifications made by our electrician were met. The system is continually monitored by built-in checking mechanisms which ensures the system is operating optimally at all times. Our operating head said,

 ” Never seen a team that produced this much quality work provided with limited amount of budget, very much satisfied with the services we got from Cyber fire and security, indeed they are best CCTV and security installers in town”