Sopra Steria

Sopra Steria is one the leading transport and travel service company and ferry operators in UK. Every year over 10 million pessengers, 3 Million cars, and 5 million freight unit travels with this unit. However the fraudulent claims were costing the company upto 5 Million Euro every year.


The company’s biggest challenge was to combat fraudulent vehicle damage claim that was costing a huge amount to company every year. Our issue was resolved by Cyber fire and Security, CCTV installers in London. They developed an innovative damage monitoring IP camera based solution to put a full stop on this damage. They used Axis fixed dome cameras, all vehicles are recorded using these cameras. These captures the different views of vehicles, moreover automatic number plate recognition system is also linked with each vehicle for easy identification.
Cyber fire and security, cctv Installation Company in London, has installed their monitoring system in our company. This system has allowed us to control damage. One of the member of their higher authority said

 “Having the ability to track in high definition detail each and every vehicle that travels with us is an incredibly powerful management tool to have at our End that is provided by one of the top cctv installers in London. Not only does it provide us with the ability to save on fraudulent damage claims but it also reduces the amount of staff time spent on such claims so it’s a real win win for us. We will be certainly recommending this system to other companies too”