The Village Pub

One of the biggest headaches one may have is the correct installation of security cameras which work rightly according to our desires.


Choosing a high quality security camera is the first step to avoid CCTV camera problems. Our company had a lot of issues with benefit from their past provider some of which I’d like to share.
Bad quality: The quality of the images and videos was extremely displeasing as the camera result was not satisfying and it fell below the company’s claim.
False alarms: This is an extremely common problem of security cameras. It is really annoying to constantly receive alarms just because trees move in the wind or bird fly past your window.
Our company has chosen to pick Cyber Fire and Security to assume control because of the unmistakable expert suggestion to lead overviews and reports given by Junaid Ramzan, Cyber Fire and Security deals executive. Cyber Fire and Security has given our company CCTV establishment and support since 2014 with work finished at 10 areas nearby to this company and at further 2 areas to be finished for the current year.Cyber Fire and Security has provided us with their best. We are forced to say this about our experience with Cyber Fire and Security:

 “Cyber Fire and Security’s proficient administration liberates our opportunity to get on with our operations as we don’t need to pursue: once an instruction has been given to them, we can be guaranteed it will be done. Our association with our premises administrators has enhanced as they see an enhanced and improved service.”