Vinci Construction

The VINCI name symbolizes the best in advancement, inventiveness and mechanical dominance, befitting for a Group that saddles a culture of development to convey specialized aptitude in handling the most complex of activities.


VINCI Construction UK is a national construction and offices organization and is the biggest British backup of VINCI. VINCI Construction UK has solid associations with other VINCI organizations and backups and, therefore, can use thoughts, abilities and entrepreneurial pizazz to convey beat quality work in all parts.
VINCI needed to better control the security on their building destinations, so as opposed to utilizing a security guard they chose to introduce a Tensor-Build CCTV checking framework particularly intended for construction locales. The magnificence of the Tensor-Build framework is that it can be moved from site to site, as one lodging office is finished and another begun. VINCI especially like the 24 hours every day, 7 days a week aspect of the Tensor-Build framework and the way that it is associated with an observing focus. This not just makes it less expensive than utilizing a security monitor additionally makes “confirm and excellent quality” CCTV that can be given to the police to aid a prosecution.
Cyber Fire and Security has turned their this dream into reality by providing them with their most desired Tensor-Build framework. They are very pleased with the quality of our security cameras and this firm installs and maintains a huge portfolio of high evidence quality digital CCTV camera’recording and tracking systems.We only use the best quality products from the most well known and regarded manufacturers
Here’s what the VINCI organizations have to say about the efforts of our team:

 “We have recently agreed that Cyber fire and Security can contact the development locales in London in regards to security specifically particularly the establishment of CCTV cameras, this liberates our opportunity to concentrate on different territories of the business.”